International payments - IBAN

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standard format for uniquely identifying an account in a bank in the EU and other Western countries. IBAN does not replace the original account number, but is a supplement used in international contexts.

IBAN facilitates the automatic processing of cross-border payments, because it checks the validity of the sending and receiving banks. All banks in the EU have adopted IBAN. Furthermore, several countries outside the EU have introduced IBAN, meaning it can also be used for transfers to such countries as the USA or Japan.

You will typically find your IBAN on your account statement; alternatively contact your bank.

IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters, and a Danish IBAN might look like this: DK9912344231123456.

1-2Country Code: DK = Denmark / FO = Faroe Islands / GR = Greenland
3-4The IBAN checksum
5-8Bank Identifier (registreringsnummer)
9-18Account number

Contact information
Note: To minimize the processing time for your request, it’s important that you address your e-mail to both Finance Denmark and e-nettet A/S:

Finance Denmark (The Danish Bankers & Mortgage Association):
Phone: +45 3370 1000

e-nettet A/S (Danish company that is responsible for banks’ joint infrastructure):

The list below is updated whenever there are changes.

IBAN overview
IBAN Denmark Greenland and Faroe Islands – 2020-06-15.xlsx

Reading instructions
In order to translate an IBAN-number to a bank you start out by see whether the IBAN-number starts with DK, FO or GL. DK is the Danish banks shown in the top of the IBAN-list, while FO (Faroe Island) and GL (Greenland) is shown in the bottom.
At position 5-8 of the IBAN-number is the Bank Identifier located. In the IBAN-list is the Bank Identifier shown at the columns B and C. The two columns cover a range of Bank Identifiers for each row. Column B (From) specifies the first Bank Identifier in the range, while Column C (To) specifies the last.
E.g. Column B (From) = 0001 and Column C (To) = 0003, meaning that the Bank Identifiers for that row are: 0001, 0002 and 0003.